Goût de France in Kingston: celebration of French culture and gastronomy at the Hillcrest Avenue.

Since 2015, every 21 March, the Goût de France / Good France event celebrates “l’art de vivre à la française”.

This initiative dedicated to French Cuisine takes place not only in a great number of restaurants throughout France but also abroad, where 5000 Chefs commit and cook all over the world and in 150 French embassies and consulates.

Some Kingston political, economic and cultural figures were pleased to discover a part of French “art de vivre”.
After enjoying a Perrier-Jouët Blason Champagne, the 30 guests tasted different courses. The dinner began with Foie gras accompanied by “confiture d’oignons” and “pain brioché”. Then came the “canard roti sauce à l’orange,” the famous French roast duck, with purée de potiron et petits légumes. Another dish, the classic Ratatouille was also served, as an option for vegetarian diners. The cheeses carefully chosen by Mrs Wibaux gave a great overview of French cheese diversity. Lastly, guests were served for dessert a French trio of macaron, crème brûlée and opera cake.
Quite a few wines were served during the dinner in order to embrace a wide range of flavors and colors.

Chef Latoya Panton vérifie les desserts en cuisine Photo : the observer

Last updated on: 5 April 2019