International Day of the Francophonie in Jamaica

This event is organized each year by the Alliance Française de la Jamaïque (French Alliance), in partnership with the JAFT (Jamaican Association of French Teachers)

This great celebration gave students the opportunity to embrace French language in a playful way throughout the day and outside of school settings.
A school competition took place, where five categories were initiated: song, poetry, dance, sketch and “tell me ten words”, annual initiative of the French Ministry of Culture.
Several French speakers participated in the event and made presentations on particular aspects of their own culture (France, Haïti, Morocco, Vanuatu…), showing the cultural richness and diversity of the Francophone World.

Dedicated to French language, the International Day of Francophonie joins 300 million French speakers worldwide, and gathers more than 870 million people from the 88 states and governments of the International Organization of the Francophonie (OIF).

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Last updated on: 8 April 2019