Message from Ambassador Denys Wibaux to mark Bastille Day 2020

Today July 14th, France’s National Day, we celebrate the values which embody the motto of the French Republic: Liberty, Equality and Fraternity.

This year is and will remain in the annals of history as the year of the COVID-19 Pandemic. I would like today to express France’s recognition to those who have been and still are, sometimes day and night, engaged in the struggle against the virus.

This virus knows no boundary, it spares no-one and continues to strike all continents.

It is through coordination, cooperation and solidarity that the world will find solutions.

Today, I wish to reaffirm France’s solid commitment to fight against the pandemic and to prepare from now the post-Covid world.

The vaccine which one hopes will be rapidly available must be made accessible to everyone.

It is also to the reconstruction of a more robust economy, mainly to climate related shocks which threaten in particular the Caribbean countries, that France, together with her partners in the European Union is going to turn its efforts.

75 years ago, in 1945, it was the end of World War II and the establishment of a New International Order with the creation of the United Nations. France wants to emphasize its attachment to this international order which is based on some great principles, the rule of law, prohibition of force and the peaceful resolution of international disputes, the implementation of an international framework to organize dialogue and international cooperation notably with a view to development.

France believes in dialogue as well as in cooperation and in solidarity to resolve the important problems of the world. The institutions of the United Nations especially the WHO which can gain from a better association of civil society and the private sector, deserve to be upheld.

I would like on this day to express my satisfaction with the excellent cooperation between France and Jamaica. We share the same ideals and the same values and act in unison on the international scene.

France, founding member state of the European Union, stands with its European partners alongside Jamaica.

I wish you all a Happy 14th of July, this day on which we celebrate the triumph of freedom.

A tous mes compatriotes présents en Jamaïque, cette terre d’accueil, je souhaite une bonne fête nationale.

Vive la France. Vive la Jamaïque.

One love.

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Last updated on: 21 July 2020