Opening of a consular office in Negril

Deputy Head of Mission, Mr. Thomas Leydier, went to Negril where he presented Mrs. Sophie Grizzle Roumel with the crest and official documents allowing her to perform her new duties as Honorary Consul of France.

The French community now has a consular office based at the Charela Inn Hotel in Negril, which can assist in a number of important formalities and procedures, in close relation with the consular section in Panama (responsible for Jamaica).

Mrs. Grizzle Roumel is a well-known Frenchwoman in Negril, already very active in the service of French residents and visitors to the area.

Thank you to Mrs. Grizzle Roumel for her commitment and congratulations on being appointed Honorary Consul of France in Negril!

Last updated on: 27 April 2022