UNESCO and Juventus join forces to fight against discrimination

The UNESCO and the Juventus football club are organizing a campaign about the power of football to fight against discrimination. Football’s global popularity allows it to bring together people from different countries and cultures, giving it an unparalleled unifying power.
In support of this campaign, UNESCO and Juventus have created a photo contest to highlight the inclusive aspect of football. Participants are invited to send a photo by email to WhatColour@unesco.org along with a 150-200 words testimonial explaining how football promotes tolerance and the fight against discrimination in all its forms.
The selected photos will receive prizes and will appear in the campaign video. The winners of the contest will also receive a digital SLR camera and a personalized Juventus jersey.
The photos have to be submitted at the latest by May 6 2018 at 11:59p.m. GMT+1.
For more details about the rules of the contest click here.

Dernière modification : 26/04/2018

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