Visit of United for Jamaica project by H.E. Denys Wibaux

On Friday, 16th November, Ambassador Wibaux and Mrs. Wibaux payed a visit to Rockfort, to the site of a project directed by a non-profit organization United for Jamaica.

At the invitation of United for Jamaica, His Excellency Denys Wibaux and his wife visited the site. They went to Rockfort to learn more about the projects of the non-profit organization.

The visit started with a presentation of the compound and the work being done there, which includes: the construction and enhancement of the building, the creation of home-made furniture and a presentation of their cultural project with the people of Rockfort. The Ambassador and his wife met with members of the community and members of the association. A small concert was given at the end of the tour.

This meeting was an opportunity for the new Ambassador to see how some Jamaicans and French persons are involved in Jamaica’s development. United for Jamaica expressed the importance of having the support of the French Embassy in Jamaica, as it would be essential to the team.

United for Jamaica à Rockfort ©Embassy staff
United for Jamaica à Rockfort ©Embassy staff
United for Jamaica à Rockfort ©United for Jamaica
United for Jamaica à Rockfort

The association United for Jamaica, was created in 2013, the aim is to encourage a close relationship between Jamaica and France. In 2015, United for Jamaica acquired a plot of land at 8 Simpson Road in Rockfort, where they could construct a building and start their numerous projects. The team focused its work on a common goal: sharing skills and knowledge to achieve the construction of a community centre for the community of Rockfort.

The foundation hopes to offer a safe and fun place to gather, as well as provide equal access to information and knowledge. In order to welcome more volunteers to the project, the association will also build guestrooms above this building to accommodate them.

Last updated on: 3 December 2018