Welcome cocktail in honor of Sciences Po Bordeaux’s exchange students at UWI

Thursday, October 31, Ambassador Denys Wibaux welcomed Sciences Po Bordeaux’s exchange students at the University of the West Indies (UWI) in the Mona Campus during a cocktail organized in their honor at the Residence of France in the presence of Dr. Lisa Ann Vasciannie, head of the program at the UWI.

Launched in 2008, Sciences Po Bordeaux’s integrated France-Caribbean program (FIFCA) is a joint program of studies implemented by Sciences Po Bordeaux, the University of the French West Indies (Martinique), and the University of the West Indies (Mona Campus, Jamaica). This tripartite collaboration aims to train students in political science while offering them a focus on the Caribbean area.

The fourth year of this five-year program takes place in Jamaica on the campus of UWI, which is the largest university of the English-speaking Caribbean. Students receive training focused on international cooperation and development.

Since 2015, Total Jamaica has contributed to the funding of the program by offering scholarships to Jamaican students selected by a jury.

After sending his best wishes to the students, the Ambassador recalled the commitment of the French Embassy to this program which contributes to the dynamics of Franco-Jamaican relations. Like their transnational curriculum, he also drew students’ attention to the importance of deepening the mechanisms of cooperation and integration within the Caribbean space.

Last updated on: 4 November 2019